To complete the training, students take an internal exam in theory and practical driving. At the initial stage of training before passing the school examinations, the student must attend a 16-hour course of first aid.

Theory Exam

During the theory school exam, the student takes a test for knowledge of traffic rules (there are 30 questions in which a student is allowed to miss only three questions).

The positive result of the theory exam will expire after a year in the event that during that time the school’s driving test is not passed. Each student has the right to retake the exam in case of a negative result. The first retake is free, but a small fee is charged for each subsequent one.

Driving test

While completing and passing practical classes, the student must first pass an intermediate exam on the practice site, which consists of seven exercises. After that, the driving lessons will begin in the city. At the end, the student also takes the final exam.

End of the educational process

At the end of the training process, it is necessary to submit:
1. Confirmation of the successful passing of theoretical and practical examinations,
2. Provide a training card confirming your driving lessons,
3. Provide a certificate of completion of the first aid course (only at the initial stage of training).

On the basis of these documents, you will be given a certificate of completion of the driving school to the category “A1,” “A2,” or “A”. This certificate makes it possible to register for a theory and driving examination at the Department of Highways.

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