About us

The driving School Gestani (Registration # 11242404) was established in 2006 and has a license issued by the Ministry of Science and Education 5552HTM. Our driving school is a member of “Liikuskoolitajate Liit”, an Estonian driving school’s association.

Our Mission

Gestani is one of the leading driving schools in Tallinn. We specialize in training drivers for A, A2 and A1 vehicle categories, for beginners as well as professional drivers as a continuing education. At Gestani, we speak three different languages, and use the best, up-to-date training techniques. We work as one, solid team.

Driver Training
Training is conducted in Estonian, Russian, and English. Drivers are taught by highly professional and experienced instructors. Theory lessons are held in well-equipped classrooms. New and comfortable vehicles with either manual or automatic gearbox are available for you during driving lessons.

We provide the best, highly qualified training!
Drive safe!

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