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About us

The driving school Gestani (reg. number 11242404) was established in 2006 and has a tuition license issued by the Ministry of Science and Education 5552HTM. Our driving school is a member of ″Liikluskoolitajate Liit″, Estonian driving schools association.


Gestani is one of the leading driving schools in Tallinn. We specialise in training drivers for A, A2 and A1 vehicle categories, both beginners and professionals. At Gestani we speak three different languages and use the best and up-to-date training techniques. We work as a one solid team.

Tuition is conducted in Estonian, Russian and English. Drivers are prepared by highly-professional and experienced instructors. Theory lessons are held in a well-equipped classrooms. The new and comfortable motorcycles are at Your disposal during driving lessons.

We give the most highly-qualified training!

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Motorcycle courses for beginners. А-Category starting from 24 years, А2-Category from 24 years and А1-Category from 24 years.


For advanced

For advanced






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Why Us?

One of our most important priorities is a professional and individual approach to each student in order to achieve the best result.

More than 550 people have successfully completed our driving training, passed exams in the Department of Highways, and received a driving license.

Teachers have higher education and extensive experience in training and learning on motorcycles. Every year, teachers improve their qualifications by attending additional motorcycle courses.

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